Cloud One Voice Test


What is a VOIP Test?

VoIP testing is the practice of determining the reliability of your internet connection by assessing its performance across a variety of factors.

Upload and Download should be 100 kbps for every voice call.

What is Jitter?

The delay between sent and received packets is referred to as jitter. The sound quality and latency will degrade if the delay is longer. We want the transmitted packets to reach the recipient as soon as possible to allow for a good real time relation.

Jitter should be below 10-15ms.


What is Latency?

Latency is a result of the time delay experienced by the signals from the transmission side to the receiver side. Latency is measured using the ping time, which is the amount of time the system takes to open and establish the connection.

Ping Time should be below 60ms, however above 250ms is not acceptable.